This is how politicised the US judiciary is

26travelban-superjumbo.jpgAdmittedly, there may be many good reasons to be critical of new US President Trump (as this blog has pointed out already during his election campaign), or of his planned immigration policy. But the true problem of the US is not the President. The problem is the judiciary.

This is from yesterday’s New York Times:

A federal appeals court refused Thursday to reinstate President Trump’s revised travel ban, saying it “drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination.” Continue reading

Gender-Science debunks Gender-Ideology

symbole-fuer-das-maennliche[1]In these times of “fake news” and “alternative facts”, where supporters of a science-based world view find it necessary to organize a street protest against anti-scientific ideologies, the most obviously anti-scientific ideology is the one known as “Gender-Ideology”: the notion that the differences between men and women are not biological, but go back only to socially imposed “gender stereotypes”.

Serious-minded scienctific research in the meantime is producing more and more evidence how deeply rooted the differences between the sexes really are. Continue reading

“One of Us” puts European Commission on the defensive

18581490_1494894630582932_1089524314007024045_n-e1495465089663.jpgThe hearing of the case One of Us vs. the European Commission was held on Tuesday 16 May 2017 before a Chamber of five judges of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg.

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “One of Us”, which had gathered nearly two million signatures in Europe in 2012/2013, calls for a ban on European funding for activities involving the destruction of human embryos, in particular in research and development aid cooperation. However, in a poorly argued Communication issued in May 2014, the European Commission refused to transmit the citizens’ initiative to the European Parliament for debate, thus effectively assuming for itself a right to block the process.

The hearing on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, allowed Paul Diamond, the British lawyer speaking for the initiative, to set the focus the debate on the question of how the ECI can contribute to strengthening democracy if it can be arbitrarily turned down like this (see his plea: Oral argument). Continue reading

Spain: Bioethics Committee calls for world-wide ban on surrogacy

1482143576_514982_1482163597_noticia_normal_recorte1.jpgIn Spain, the Bioethics Committee, a body advising the Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equality, has issued a report in which it calls for a world-wide prohibition of gestational surrogacy. The experts find that it is not sufficient to consider null and void all contracts on surrogacy, but call for a clear prohibition, including with extraterritorial effect. Only in this way, they say, can the phenomenon of “surrogacy tourism” to poor countries (such as Russia, Ukraine or India) be adequately addressed.

Ireland: sodomite wants to take over

leo_2In stark contrast to the whining of the LGBT-lobby, the influence of openly professed sexual perverts seems to keep increasing in the EU, securing them a share of political power that by far exceeds their numbers. While Berlin and Paris were the first major cities to have openly sodomite politicians as mayors, Germany had a gay foreign minister, the early-deceased Guido Westerwelle, who caused considerable embarassment by taking his “partner” (not “spouse”, as Germany does not provide for sodo-“marriage”) along on his diplomatic missions. Luxembourg was the first country to have a sodo-“married” Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel.

Now it’s Ireland’s turn. Leo Varadkar, the Minister for Social Protection, is clearly the media favourite to take over the Fine Gael (EPP) party leadership from Taoiseach Enda Kenny who announced his resignation Wednesday. ​ Continue reading

Set-back for sodomites?

4df2f42e796f15a5ff09138b710f53b8While sexual deviants from all corners of Europe are today meeting in Brussels to exhibit themselves and their various sexual “orientations” in a so-called “Pride event” (what is there to be proud about? By the same logic, will we soon see the first “cancer pride”, “obesity prid”, “burn-out pride” or “alzheimer pride” marches appearing on our streets???),, a bizarre media outlet with a strong focus on all things LGBT, has published a commentary in which – quoting extensively from propaganda material distributed by the fake “non-governmental” group ILGA Europe – it is bemoaning that “most EU States” are “drifting backwards on LGBT rights”.

Is this really so? One would like to get more details. But certainly, when society has been heading in the wrong direction for many years, turning back is the right thing to do. There is nothing wrong in that.