MEPs criticise Juncker’s praise for Cuban dictator their plenary session in Brussels this week, Members of the European Parliament expressed disapproval for the insensitive and inappropriate statement made by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. This follows the overt challenge to the gaffe-prone Juncker by his own Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom who publicly rejected her boss’s fawning comments about the major human rights abuser. Continue reading

Cristiano Ronaldo not happy at being called “gay”

cristiano-ronaldo_416x416There is currently some excitement over Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo having been called “maricon” (“faggot”) by a player of rivalling club Atletico Madrid. Rumours about his sexual orientation appear to have been circulating already for a long time. Awhile ago, FC Bayern Munich was sanctioned by the UEFA when at a Champions League match against Arsenal F.C. fans brought along a transparent calling their opponents “Gay Gunners”.

“Maricon”, no doubt, is a slur. But is “gay”? Continue reading

The World forgets World AIDS Day. We don’t.

Strangely, the World seems to have become blithely unaware of World AIDS Day, which just a few years ago was one of the most important days in the calendar of secular awareness-raising rituals. Neither on the European Commission’s nor on the European Parliament’s websites (and not even at the indefatigable ILGA-Europe or the EP’s Sodomy-Intergroup) does one find any mention of it, and on the streets around Place Lux and R-P Schuman there is a shining absence of people wearing red ribbons and stern faces.

Is everybody getting bored by the AIDS issue? Or have they discovered that it is not any more efficacious in promoting “LGBT”?

We, too, have little time to spend on this – but for the convenience of our readers, we point back at the post we published last year. It remains still valid.

The pro-aborts have lost the debate on all accounts. Therefore, they must now crack down on free speech.

20160604_ldd001_0If you need to curtail free speech, it is because you have lost the debate. The totalitarian pro-abortion and pro-sodomy régime of French president François Hollande is now reverting to the ultima ratio: it seeks to erect a legal firewall around its blatantly anti-human policy to not protect unborn children, submitting for adoption by the National Assembly a bill that would threaten with up to two years of prison and fines of up to €30.000 the mere fact of trying to “dissuade” a woman from having an abortion. Continue reading