European Parliament votes to abolish Human Rights

Europe has a serious problem with its political elites. If the European Parliament were allowed to make binding decisions on these matters, European citizens would soon have no Human Rights any more.

Following the US Supreme Court’s Decision that the US Constitution does not contain, within “the penumbral fringes of the Right to Privacy”, a fundamental “right” for women to have their offspring murdered before birth, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for the inclusion of just such a “right” into the EU Fundamental Rights Charter. Continue reading “European Parliament votes to abolish Human Rights”

Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling raises serious doubt regarding validity of 2020 Presidential Elections

While the end of the first half of US President Joe Biden’s first (and probably last) term is drawing near and Democrats look increasingly likely to suffer a spectacular defeat in the Midterm Elections this autumn, the question may seem moot. Yet the Supreme Court of the US State of Wisconsin has issued a ruling that looks like a vindication, albeit a belated one, of ex-President Donald Trump’s allegation that the 2020 US Presidential elections were stolen from him. Continue reading “Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling raises serious doubt regarding validity of 2020 Presidential Elections”

George Soros´s concerted attack on Democracy in the US (and beyond)

Big money can buy big media influence. Project Syndicate, an international media outlet claiming to be nothing less than “the world’s opinion page”, was founded and is financed by billionaire and self-appointed “philanthropist” George Soros to feed his ultra-leftist agenda into the opinion pages of the world’s newspapers. The principle of operation is very simple and clever: the syndicate invites a huge number of widely-known personalities  to write commentaries on various issues, for which they get a generous honorarium. These commentaries are then translated into many languages and offered for free or at a low cost to newspapers around the world, liberal and conservative ones alike, to fill their op-ed pages. Since most of the world’s papers, which not so long ago took pride in their independence and individuality, are struggling for economic survival since the internet has begun to eat away their market, they are grateful to fill their pages at a low cost with pieces written by prominent public intellectuals such as Ian Buruma, Joseph Stiglitz, Kenneth Rogoff, or elder statesmen like Joschka Fischer or Javier Solana. Those pieces can at times be intelligent, at times they just exploit the prominent names name of their authors – but generally they are there to transport a particular world view, which has aspirations to become the “pensée unique” of the western world’s political and media establishment: the left-leaning and radically de-constructivist ideology of George Soros.

The most interesting pieces promoted by Project Syndicate are therefore those of which Soros himself is the author. Continue reading “George Soros´s concerted attack on Democracy in the US (and beyond)”

MEPs allied to the baby-killing industry throwing a tantrum

They are really, really angry that the US Supreme Court has empowered the elected representatives of the people to adopt legislation that might result in somewhat reducing the number of abortion, and so they have decided to deal a decisive blow against the pro-life movement …  We have, much to our amusement, learned that a group of extremely radical pro-abortion MEPs, representing less than one percent of the European Parliament’s total membership, has written a  letter to President Roberta Metsola, asking her to ban all “lobbyists linked to radical-conservative NGOs” from the Parliament’s premises.

This initiative is as predictably futile as it is childish. Continue reading “MEPs allied to the baby-killing industry throwing a tantrum”

A Day of Glory for Human Rights: Roe v. Wade OVERTURNED!!!

This Day will be remembered and celebrated for centuries. The Supreme Court has issued its long awaited decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, overturning its earlier rulings Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) and thus setting an end to the absurd claim that the US Constitution provide for a “Right to Abortion”. Through this decision, US States regain the right to regulate abortion, and some of them will certainly make use of it to restrict the arbitray murdering of babies before their birth. Continue reading “A Day of Glory for Human Rights: Roe v. Wade OVERTURNED!!!”

A Parliament populated by Monsters and Morons

Another one in the endless series of EP resolutions promoting a fake “Right to Abortion”, which, on the one hand, does not exist anyway, and, if it ever were to be created (e.g. by an inclusion into the European Fundamental Rights Charter, requiring a unanimous vote of all Member States), would only have the effect of perverting and undermining the very concept of Human Rights.

Continue reading “A Parliament populated by Monsters and Morons”

US Supreme Court: Why Roberts CJ will in the end vote to overturn Roe v. Wade

The end of “Roe v. Wade” seems nigh. Predictably, the political left is going totally mad both in the US and worldwide, besieging the homes of Justices and threatening to “burn the Court down”. The escalation is egged on by certain commentators:  it is said that if the 1973 Decision, which fabricated a “constitutional right to abortion” out of thin air and deprived the legitimate, democratically elected, legislators of their right to regulate the matter in line with the electorate’s actual policy preferences, falls, not only abortion, but also other so-called “privacy rights” (such as the right to sodomy, to same-sex marriage, to contraception, to  gender self-definition, etc.) will all go out of the window. Continue reading “US Supreme Court: Why Roberts CJ will in the end vote to overturn Roe v. Wade”

US Supreme Court: leaked draft decision spurs hope to see Roe v Wade overruled

According to a document that was leaked to Politico and published today, the US Supreme Court looks set to overturn the controversial Roe v Wade decision, which erected the slaughtering of children as a “constitutional right” for women in 1973 and has continued to poison American politics and society ever since. There is no doubt regarding the authenticity of the draft, which appears to have been authored by Justice Samuel Alito on behalf of a majority of Justices, and which bluntly states that Roe v Wade was “egregiously wrong from the outset”. The leak is apparently a desperate last-ditch attempt of leftist groups within the court, including perhaps even one or two of the Democrat-appointed Justices, to unleash a mob of militant pro-abortion radicals both on the streets and in the media that they hope will ultimately prevent the draft decision from being adopted. Continue reading “US Supreme Court: leaked draft decision spurs hope to see Roe v Wade overruled”