Luxembourg: compulsory “values” violate human rights

The Government of the Grand Duchy is considering a bill to abolish religion and ethics classes in public schools (between which students could freely choose), and instead introduce courses on “values” that would be compulsory for all. The Minister for Education, Mr. Claude Meisch, justified this reform proposal by saying that in this way pupils would be enabled to “build their own values”. (Read here)

Will they really? The simple fact is that the “liberal” politician is seeking to replace freedom of choice by compulsory indoctrination.  Continue reading “Luxembourg: compulsory “values” violate human rights”


Corrigendum: Finland will not (yet) recognize same-sex “marriages”

FinnlandWe have received information from Finland that reports about new legislation on same-sex “marriage” were premature. While the Parliament has indeed with a narrow majority voted that same-sex “marriages” should be introduced, that vote was only a motion requesting the next government to prepare such a legislative proposal. There will be parliamentary elections in Finland next spring, and  if the majority of the newly elected MPs are not in favour of same-sex marriage, then it might still be possible that the proposed law will not be adopted.
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World AIDS Day

1 December is World AIDS Day. In strictest obedience to the laws of political correctness, we will see many people wearing red ribbons and sorrow-stricken faces – especially at the European Parliament, where MEP Claude Moraes has made sure that there are enough ribbons for everyone.

Those who want to use this occasion to learn where AIDS comes from and what would be the most efficient strategy against it should read this page.

Alphabet Soup – the strange world of “LGBT” and other “sexual orientations”

The other day we asked “What on Earth is ‘Sexual Identity’?” Searching an answer to this question, we have stumbled upon a wonderful website offering a Comprehensive List of LGBTQ+ Term Definitions, and describing around 30 different “orientations”. Somewhere on the internet there appears to be an even longer list, allegedly with 60 or more. We are still searching for it. However, it should be noted that even that list will hardly be sufficient, given that (according to the newest theory) everyone of us combines all these identities with different degrees of intensity. Continue reading “Alphabet Soup – the strange world of “LGBT” and other “sexual orientations””