Germany: the pro-gay party was also pro-paedophile

grueneAlthough the gay rights lobby strongly resents being but into the same basket with paedophiles, this is where it rightly belongs. The same groups that pushed for the legalization of sodomy and, having achieved that, for the legalization of same-sex “marriage” etc., have from the outset also advocated the legalization of sex with children.

This sad story was confirmed once again when Germany’s green/ecologist party “Bündnis 90 – Die Grünen” published, with a tone of contrition, a report examining its involvement in pro-paedophilia activism in the nineteen-seventies and –eighties. This activism was part of a broader policy to get rid of all existing legal and moral taboos concerning sexual behaviour. While the party from 1990 onwards silently dropped the legalization of sex with children from its list of desirables, it remains fully committed to the rest of its controversial sex agenda: legalization of incest, “marriages” and adoption rights for gay couples and transgender persons, abortion on demand, etc.

The Greens’ remorse over former paedophilia advocacy comes rather late, following revelations concerning their former European Parliament group leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit that are considered to have been one of the reasons for the groups rather disappointing results in last year’s national and EU elections. There is, by the way, still some reason to doubt the sincerity of the Party’s assurances of regret, given that some of the leading pro-paedophilia activists are still around. This applies in particular to Mr. Volker Beck, a gay politician and Member of the Bundestag who in 1988 was the author of a book contribution in which he called for the complete de-criminalization of sex with children. He late claimed that his contribution had been manipulated by the book’s editor, but was disproven when in 2013 the news magazine Der Spiegel published the original manuscript. Following these revelation Mr. Beck had to step down from his long-term position as the party’s “expert for human rights”(!), but he is still a Member of the Bundestag.

Mr. Cohn-Bendit, by contrast, did not run again as a Member of the European Parliament in the 2014 elections.