Petition for the abolition of surrogacy

nomaternitytrafficAt there is a petition addressed to the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) to set an end to the abominable practice of surrogacy. Although the PACE has no legislative powers, the adoption of a resolution against surrogacy would be a significant step forward as it would draw the attention of politicians Europe-wide to the issue.

Surrogacy is currently prohibited in many European countries, but not in all. This has triggered a “reproductive tourism” to countries like the Czech Republic, Ukraine, or Russia, where poverty drives many young women to rent out their wombs as a source of income. The practice of surrogacy can therefore only be ended by a common effort of all European countries. For countries where surrogacy is already prohibited, this would involve the enforcement of the prohibition also against those who use the services of a surrogacy mother abroad, or against those who make it their business to organize “surrogacy tourism”.