“Secularist” (or “LGBT-rights”?) activists exhibit themselves half-naked inside Strasbourg Cathedral

Two half-naked FEMEN protesters took a free ride on the media attention drawn by the Pope’s upcoming visit to Strasbourg, desecrating the city’s Cathedral.

“Police were not present”, the reporter says. Of course not. But a Euronews film crew plus some fifteen fully equipped professional press photographers just happened to be there, probably on their way from morning mass…

The political message of the stunt did not become quite clear. It is true that “the Pope is not a politician” – he is, more than anything else, a pastor.The FEMEN girls also find “it is not normal that he is invited to the Parliament”. Indeed, they are right: it is not “normal”, but it is an extraordinary honour that The European Parliament’s President Martin Schulz was visibly craving for when he invited the Pope to Strasbourg.

So, what was the point of this tasteless self-exhibition, except the desire to gratuitously insult Catholics inside their own Church?

(By the way, Sophie in ‘t Veld and Virginie Rozière were apparently not among the bare-breasted hooligans…)