Time for a Roll-back: the Marriage Map

Following today’s news that Finland is the 12th country in Europe to aberrantly recognize same-sex marriages, we find it appropriate to recall that 12 is still a minority. But definitely, it is time for a roll-back.

We therefore propose to our readers a very simple Marriage Map, which hopefully we will manage to improve and refine over time. Even more hopefully, we will also have the opportunity to report some positive developments, in the sense that Europe will gradually re-discover the true sense and purpose of marriage.


On this map, countries painted red are the ones that, victims of a collective delusion that has induced a significant part of their politicians to raise their hands for laws that stand in evident contradiction to nature, legally recognize “marriages” between persons of the same-sex. Countries indicated in yellow have made a dangerous step into that direction by adopting laws that grant a similar status as marriage (though different in name) to same-sex couples, thereby fostering the erroneous appearance that sexual relationships between persons of the same-sex, if consensual, were a public good worthy of legal recognition and protection. The countries in green are those where reason and common-sense still prevail: marriage is, as it always has been, a union between a man and a woman entered into with the pupose of founding a family and raising children. The countries in dark green are the avantgard of true social progress: wary of the possibility that institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights or some unelected EU or UN bureaucrats might attempt to impose on them an obligation to legalize counter-natural same-sex “marriages”, they have decided to introduce constitutional provisions that provide special protection of the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman.

Note that there are no countries in dark red on this map, as there is no country yet that has had the truly mad idea of adoping a constitutional provision to guarantee the recognition of same-sex “marriages”. This means that red and yellow countries can become green again through a simple majority vote in their national parliaments.