UK: abortion is “legal”, but drinking during pregnancy may soon be a criminal offence

As the “Mirror” reports, a council in the North West of England is seeking criminal injuries compensation for a six-year-old girl with “growth retardation” caused by her mother’s alcohol consumption while pregnant. If the Court of Appeal agrees that the woman committed a crime it could pave the way for expectant women’s behaviour to be criminalised.

Nobody seems to notice or to mind, but in fact there is an incredible self-contradiction, if not hypocrisy, in lawmakers’ and judges attitudes towards unborn life. While, due to one of the most “liberal” abortion laws in Europe, abortion is legal on demand during the first 24 weeks of the pregnancy (and even until birth in case of a suspected malformation or impairment of the fetus), public authorities appear to be remarkably less “liberal” when it comes to respecting people’s private lives. While the unborn child’s liofe apparently is not worthy of bein protected against pre-natal killing, it nevertheless serves as a pretext for controlling, and interfering with, a pregnant woman’s behaviour during her pregnancy. Maybe soon she will be told not only not to smoke or drink, but also be given precise orders what to eat, how long to sleep, and how many hours to spend outdoors? Maybe someone will control how often she brushes her teeth and cuts her fingernails? (Not that we think that one shouldn’t brush one’s teeth, etc., but nevertheless…)

Of course the easiest way to escape possible criminal charges would be for the drunkard woman to have the child aborted – either on demand or, at least, when some malformation is discovered. So in actual fact the “crime” would not be her drinking during pregnancy, but her “irresponsible” failure to have abortion…