Learning from Mistakes: Thailand to prohibit Surrogacy?

While European Countries, mostly due to assiduous lobbying by gay and lesbian “rights” groups, are taking an increasingly lenient stance towards surrogacy, Thailand has now announced plans to prohibit this abominable practice.

This decision follows the case of “Baby Gammy” that caused world-wide media attention and outrage this summer, in which an Australian couple had used the services of a Thai “surrogacy mom” who had two fertilized eggs transferred into her uterus. Upon learning that one of the two children the in the woman’s womb would be suffering from Down’s syndrome, the couple first told her to have the child aborted, and when she nevertheless decided to carry the pregnancy to term, they took the healthy child, leaving her with the handicapped one.

The preferred destinations for European couples searching for “surrogacy mothers” appear to be Ukraine, Russia, and the Czech Republic. There is currently a petition addressed to the Council of Europe to address this situation.