100 NGOs write to Juncker: “Dump the Anti-Discrimination Directive!”

anti-discriminationAs the pressuring of some lobby groups for a speedy adoption of the “Anti-Discrimination Directive” increases, so does the resistance. 100 NGOs have now jointly sent an open letter to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, asking him to dump the controversial proposal.

In that letter, they recall that the new Commission had pledged to apply a “principle of discontinuity”, i.e. to further pursue only those legislative projects of the old commission for which it saw a real necessity, and to get rid of drafts that have been blocking the Council’s working groups for too long without any realistic chances of going forward.

That is precisely the case of the “Anti-Discrimination Directive”. The proposal was presented in July 2008, but since then it has become clear that the consensus among Member States would be very difficult to reach.

The letter runs thus:

100 NGOs to Juncker

Here is the current list of signatories (click to enlarge):

Sign1 Sign2 Sign3

The letter is open to further signatures. Interested NGOs should write to: skuby@europeandignitywatch.org

It is not frequent for the Commission to receive letters that are jointly signed by 100 different NGOs. If anyone ever thought that civil society was keenly awaiting this Directive to be adopted, it is now time for a reality check.

Download the letter (pdf)


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