Yet another skewed report from the Fundamental Rights Agency – this time on “Transgender”

While the hopelessly un-scientific and manipulative methodology used to fabricate its notorious “LGBT Survey” must by now be known to all serious-minded researchers, the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) continues using that survey as a basis for its reports as if no criticism had ever been voiced. The strategy appears to be: don’t answer to criticism, just go on telling the lie – if it is repeated often enough, it will be believed.

As with all preceding work on “homophobia” and similar issues, FRA is apparently speculating that people will not take the time to look at their methodology, or that they find the result of the “study” politically useful irrespectively of how it was concocted. As a result, the Agency’s newest output, a report entitled “Being Trans in the EU“, is probably not worth reading. It cannot be, given that the research underpinning it is so fundamentally flawed.