European Commission unsure which proposals should be ditched

According to reports at, the European Commission finds it difficult to live up to its promise to focus on essential reforms and drop legislative proposals on which for many years there has been no progress.

Business lobbyists have sent to Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans a list of proposals that they find should be dropped, mostly on environmental and social issues, but also including a controversial proposal on fixed gender quotas for company board rooms. While the controversial “General Anti-Discrimination Directive” is not on that list, 100 NGOs have separately written to Commission President Juncker on that subject, telling him that this proposal should also be withdrawn.

Latest reports say that there is a secret list of proposals to be scratched, drawn up by the Vice-President This list has been circulated among the Commissioners at their last weekly meeting, but not made public. Allegedly, the sector most strongly affected will be environmental policy. At the same time, Mr. Timmermans, who is reputed to be a hard-core Marxist with a penchant to radical social policies, absolutely wants to keep the “Anti-Discrimination Directive” alive. This choice seems hardly justifiable, given that the efficiency of environmental policies can be said to strongly depend on measures adopted at supra-national level, whereas the same cannot be said with regard to the proposed “Anti-Discrimination Directive”.