It takes very little to enrage self-described “Humanists”…

Over at the website of the militantly anti-religious “European Humanist Federation” (EHF) one can read a spittle-flecked outburst of fury and hatred over the “shameful” inauguration of a nativity scene on the premises of the European Parliament.

What is “shameful” about people celebrating Christmas? Should such a peaceful commemoration of the incarnation of Christ not be tolerated and accepted also by those who themselves do not adhere to the Christian faith? Is the Humanists’ rage directed against the nativity scene as such, or solely against the fact that the inauguration was presided over by Mgr. Bernard Fellay, a man not uncontroversial within his own Church? Maybe this should be put to a test, e.g. by inviting the local bishop, Mgr. André-Joseph Léonard, to preside over the next event of that kind. We will then see whether EHF’s tirades really have to do with anything Mgr. Fellay may have done or said, or whether they are not directed against the Catholic Church as a whole or, indeed, indistinctively against all religious groups.

There was, to our best knowledge, no criticism against the nativity scene voiced by any non-Catholic denomination, nor by any Muslim, Jewish, or other groups. The EHF alone is reliable in expressing its intolerance against every and any manifestation of religious belief in the public sphere. Indeed, we can be grateful to EHF for this lamentable self-exhibition, as it shows the true nature of this notoriously aggressive and anti-tolerant group. Once again, it has become apparent that, while religious people are capable of tolerating believes to which they themselves do not adhere, atheism is by necessity an intolerant ideology: having no beliefs of its own, it consists of little else than hatred and intolerance against the beliefs adhered to by others.

Anyway, Christ will forgive them. Happy Christmas, EHF!


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