Some People are Pedophile. Should we not get over it? (Just Asking…)

It should by now be a well-known fact that the remarkable progress of the “gay rights” movement in the last decades is to a large extent explained by clever and relentless propaganda. The fundamental tenets of that propaganda were first set out by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in their seminal book “After the Ball”, an absolute must-read for everyone who wants to understand how it was possible, in a relatively short stretch of time, to convince large parts of America and Western Europe that sodomy was “normal”, that it was “innate”, or that it was a “right”.

In hindsight, the question that we might ask ourselves is: if propaganda is able to sway a majority, or at least a very significant proportion, of our fellow citizens into believing such dangerous nonsense, where are the limits of what propaganda can achieve? Given that “gay rights” propaganda very deliberately builds on emotions rather than reasonable argument, could the very same slogans not also be used for other purposes? Now that sodomy has been accepted by the political and media mainstream, is it not time to turn the screw just a little bit further?

These questions occurred to me when I recently saw this photo:


It appears that the bus ad was part of a larger campaign run by the “gay rights” lobby Stonewall some years ago, apparently with the purpose of popularizing the notion that some people are born homosexual, and that this is just the same thing as being born with fair or with black skin, with brown or blue eyes, with blond or with red hair, etc. In that narrative, being anti-gay is the same as being racist. Or maybe there was no such strategic intention, and the sole purpose was to simply say what the ad said: SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY.

Either way, what I find so interesting about this campaign is that it is completely unsupported by any argument, be it of a moral or scientific nature. There is just this affirmation: SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY. And this is of course true: not everybody is gay, but some are.

Some well-intentioned people immediately wanted to launch a campaign that gave a reply to Stonewall. It ran thus:

Rather strangely for a country where freedom of expression is considered a human right, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, intervened to prohibit London Transport from running this campaign on its buses. He said: “It is clearly offensive to suggest that being gay is an illness that someone recovers from and I am not prepared to have that suggestion driven around London on our buses.”

It would have been very interesting to learn how Mr. Johnson arrived at this level of insight into the nature of homosexuality, but unfortunately he did not find it worthwhile to explain. But of course, if a man of such stature says that being gay is a condition that nobody can recover from, we should probably all believe it and ask no further questions.

However, if that is so, maybe the same affirmation could be made with regard to other sexual orientations. How about this one, for example?


Coming to think of it, everything that LGBT Propaganda says about being gay or lesbian could equally be said about being pedophile. You might be “born that way”, hence it should be accepted.

Logically, therefore, all critics of your innate and unalterable “sexual orientation” must be mean-spirited bigots, whom from now on we might call “pedophobes” or “pedohaters”. You might launch a campaign against pedophobia (surely the European Commission will find funds to finance it)….


… and appeal to the consciences of your fellow citizens:


And of course, we should never forget that you have the kids on your side: they love you, and you love them. It is all about love.


If you can’t beat them, join them. Maybe the public will begin to see through LGBT Propaganda not when we contradict it, but when we parody it, laying bare its intellectual emptiness.

(P.S.: Of course I am not suggesting that all homosexuals are pedophiles, or that homosexuality and pedophilia is one and the same. In actual fact, what Stonewall says about gays could equally be said not only about pedophiles, but about everything. Some people are thieves – get over it. Some people are racists – get over it. Some people are serial killers – get over it. Some people are Muslim – get over it. Some people are fat and ugly – get over it. Some people pick their noses and bite their fingernails. Some people don’t brush their teeth. Some people smell. Get over it. On the other hand, you might find it difficult to accept that some people are more handsome and bright than others – get over it…  What I am getting at is the complete emptiness of these and similar slogans – and that it appears to be precisely that emptiness that makes it so successful.)