Support Latvian President for speaking the truth about sodomy!

In an interview to the newspaper “Neatkarīgā” (“Independent”), Latvian president Andris Bērziņš answered a question regarding to the upcoming EuroPride 2015 in Riga, stating that homosexuality should not be “imposed and advertised,” and calling it a “road to nowhere.”

The full quote from the interview:

Question: Sometimes it seems that the main event of the forthcoming EU Presidency will be the gay pride event in Riga. But so far, no Latvian politician has admitted to have invited any of those pride people to “visit” the Latvian capital.

Bērziņš: It certainly wasn’t me who invited them.

Question: Yes, we know this. But what about those who believe that such event is unnecessary and even harmful? Why should those not supporting this self-exhibition feel guilty and be listen to their provocations?

Bērziņš: In the past, I underestimated the power and influence of this system.

Question: And what are we to do? Show them tolerance or indifference? Should we move to the countryside in order to avoid seeing this nonsense, or should we show our displeasure?

Bērziņš: No, by showing our displeasure, we will only be supporting them. They will say: look how they are attacking us! Come and protect us! Each person may choose his own path of life, and then bear the responsibility for his choices. But this choice cannot be imposed upon the rest [of  society] and should not be advertised in any way. This path leads nowhere.

The truth of these words is self-evident. Nevertheless, they are very courageous and will certainly provoke highly aggressive reactions from certain politicians (including some EU big-wigs) and media. It is a known fact that is Eastern Europe (just as elsewhere) “gay pride” events usually do not find much support in the local population. They are an act of cultural imperialism imposed from outside, in particular by the US and certain European governments who oblige (!) their ambassadors to join the distasteful cortège of gay exhibitionists.

The Latvian “gay rights” lobby has already called “LGBT activists from all over the world” to send the President Berzins protest messages. But of course, it is also possible for supporters of the correct understanding of family and marriage to send him statements of support. Those wishing to do so may  write to:

President of Latvia
Andris Bērziņš
Rātslaukums 7,
Riga, LV-1900


Twitter: @Rigas_pils using #BerzinsForHumanRights