Belgian Bishop calls for homosexual and bisexual “marriages”

Although we oppose the idea, we can at least understand what is meant by same-sex “marriages”: two persons of the same sex enter into a legal union that involves exclusivity, mutual responsibility, and (supposedly) a sexual relationship. But what on earth is a “bisexual marriage”? If “bisexuals” are persons whose sexual appetites are directed both at men AND women, would this not mean that such a person, in order to have a marriage that fully corresponds to its sexual desires, would have to be married to two persons at the same time? So, if there is such a thing as “bisexual marriages”, would they not have to involve three or more persons? But is it not part of the concept of marriage that it consists only of two persons?

These questions come to mind when reading an interview that Johan Bonny, Bishop of Antwerp, has given to the Belgian daily “De Morgen”. Mgr. Bonny is considered a likely candidate to be appointed the next Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and Primate of Belgium. His view that the Catholic Church should provide for “a formal recognition of the relationship that exists between homosexual and bisexual couples” is of course in complete and radical contradiction to his Church’s teaching – but such details do not seem to matter, as long as it is compatible with today’s zeitgeist. Nevertheless, the good man should at least offer an explanation what exactly he means when speaking of “bisexual couples”…