Belgian Sex-Offender finally not to be euthanized

Small update on one of our previous posts: Frank Van Den Bleeken, the Belgian murderer and sex-offender serving a life sentence in jail, will finally not to be euthanized. Preparations both for the execution and the burial have been called off. The background of this decision is not clear, as it was taken privately by Mr. Van Den Bleeken and his doctor. However, the Belgian Ministry of Justice has informed the public that Mr. Van Den Bleeken will be offered a new cycle of therapies that might liberate him from his abnormal and dangerous sexual orientation. He had previously mentioned the failure of the Belgian State to offer him such a therapy as one of the reasons for his wish to die.

While some media report that Mr. Van Den Bleeken himself has made the decision, the Flemish newspaper De Morgen has interviewed his lawyer who claims that it was in fact his doctor who invoked conscientious objection, and that his client is surprised and deeply disappointed.

As it appears, the Belgian Ministry of Justice does not does not consider Mr. Van Den Bleeken’s sexual orientation to be incurable. This raises the question why euthanasia, allegedly the ultima ratio for people suffering from terminal illnesses, had been deemed permissible in the first instance…