The European Parliament’s somewhat strange reaction to the attack against “Charlie Hebdo”

The Head of the European Parliament’s Press Service has tweeted that the shooting of staff at the satirical “Charlie Hebdo” magazine might not have been committed by Muslims.

Marjory Van Den Broeke took to her twitter account to say that “if I wanted to frame smone (someone) I would [shout ‘Allahu Akbar’]” referring to the video released of the gunmen.


In the meantime, EP President Martin Schulz and ALDE Chair Guy Verhofstadt have released press statements – both studiously avoiding any mention of Islam, Muslims, Jihadists, ISIS…(although Verhofstadt does call this “our September 11th” so he may be very tentatively suggesting a link with Islamic terrorism, a.k.a. “the terrorism that dare not speak its name”).

Supposedly, we should all try hard to believe the official doctrine of the French Republic that this attack, like the three attacks on innocent shoppers at Christmas markets and police in December by men shouting ‘Allah wa Akhbar’ were mere coincidences, committed by deranged individuals, societal dropouts, or recent escapees from insane asylums…