Hypocrisy in Action: Martin Schulz is #CharlieHebdo

Following the terrorist attack of Wednesday, there is a big rush of politicians and media people to “solidarize themselves with the victims”, in this case the makers of a rather filthy magazine called “Charlie Hebdo”. “#JeSuisCharlie” is the slogan of the day.

How quick some of them are in changing their discourse.

Do any of you recall a satirical film about the Islamic prophet Mohammed called “Innocence of Muslims” which surfaced (or rather didn’t because it was heavily censored by ‘liberal’ media and politicians) a couple of years ago?​

At that time European Parliament President Martin Schulz, nowadays a high-profile defender of freedom of expression and the media (including their right to gratuitously mock and ridicule all religions), played a rather different tune. Schulz, roundly condemned the film Innocence of Muslims. He even lined up with two Arabic sharia advocates to do this, expressing his total condemnation at not only the content of the film which ‘humiliated Muslims’ but even any attempts to diffuse the offending material. (So much for freedom of expression). True to his word, Schulz formally banned the showing of the film on the premises of the European Parliament, something which had been planned by a Dutch MEP, threatening the Member in question with financial sanctions. (So much for the free mandate of directly-elected representatives of European citzens).

Incidentally, this was not the only occasion on ​which Schulz threatened an MEP with financial sanctions for attempting to freely express his opinion and mock Islam in the process. He also did so when an Italian MEP decided to distribute copies of a satirical newspaper outside Parliament’s main entrance which contained cartoons of the self-same prophet Mohammad. The offending publication on this occasion?…….Charlie Hebdo!

Innocence of Muslims indeed. Hypocrisy of Schulz!