If Islam is part of Germany, what about Shariah???

141212_merkel_burka_großThe politically correct way of dealing with terrorism is appeasement. The authors of inflammatory and stupid cartoons that needlessly insult the religious feeling of Muslims are styled as “martyrs who gave their lives for human rights and democracy”, while at the same time “Islam is a religion of peace”, and terror attacks “have nothing to do with Islam”. And of course, as Angela Merkel has put it in her address to the Members of the Bundestag: “Islam is part of Germany.”

Is it really? Do we all want it to be?

A renowned critique of Islam, himself Muslim, has now given an answer to Mrs. Merkel, calling her to address the issue with greater intellectual honesty. Hamed Abdel-Samad, an Egyptian/German political scientist writes on his Facebook page:

“Before telling people that Islam is part of Germany, you should explain to them what Islam is. Does the division of the world into believers and non-believers also belong to Germany? And what about Jihad? What about polygamy? What about the death penalty for apostates? What about corporal punishments and mutilations for adulterers, thieves, or alcohol consumers? What about women’s rights, which in Islam are hardly existent? What about slavery, which in Islam is not prohibited?

Either you don’t know that all this is also part of Islam – in which case you are not qualified to pass a judgment on it, Or you do know – and are trying to mislead the citizens of this country in ordert o continue selling tankst o Saudi Arabia or to avoid upsetting our Turkish trading partners.

… But I tell you you are wrong. And you are doing no favour to Muslims if you make affirmations that correspond neither tot he truth nor tot he views of a majority of Germans, including many German Muslims and ex-Muslims who have had to flee from Islam in their former home countries…”