Radical anti-lifers join forces: “All of us! Mobilizing for abortion”

A conference entitled “All of us! Mobilizing for abortion rights” will be hosted by radical pro-abortion politicians in the European Parliament as part of an extra effort to mobilize all their forces prior to the upcoming plenary vote on the controversial so-called “Tarabella-Report“.

Following this event on webstream will be of interest also for pro-lifers – in particular those who, not being located in Brussels, might want to familiarize themselves with the main protagonists of the Brussels-based pro-abortion lobby.

The draft conference programme is here.

Note the links between the gay-rights lobby (impersonated by MEP Ulrike Lunacek), the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Commission-funded fake NGO “European Women’s Lobby”. Also note that when it comes to their anti-life agenda, Social Democrats, Greens, Liberals and Communists are all singing from the same sheet. In the EP, the so-called centre-left and even the “Liberals” have never been shy of joining forces with Communists, when it helped their agenda…


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