Another dark green spot on the Marriage Map: Macedonia

YMazedoniaet another European country has voted to give constitutional protection to marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The parliament of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has voted 72-4 on a constitutional amendment defining that “[m]arriage shall be a life union solely of one woman and one man. In addition, the amendment also sets a new obstacle to providing homosexual relationships with another form of legal recognition (such as “civil unions”), stipulating that “legal relations in marriage, family, and civil unions are to be regulated by a law adopted by a two-thirds majority of the total number of Members of Parliament”.

This step is very courageous, but at the same time urgently necassary, given that Macedonia is currently negotiating with the EU on a possible future accession, and must therefore expect soon to face some aggressive bullying from the Commission and certain politicians wishing to impose on it anti-family policies such as same-sex “marriage” or homosexual adoption rights. The country is also sending a clear message to certain institutions of the Council of Europe such as the European Human Rights Court and the Venice Commision, both of which have the “gay rights” agenda high up on their priority list.

We therefore change the coulour of Macedonia on our Marriage Map from green to dark green, thereby indicating that marriage in this country enjoys constitutional protection. May many others follow this shining example!

marriage_map 150121