European Parliament: For Green Politicians, Persecution and Murder of Christians are not worthy of condemnation…

An astonishing incident is reported from the EP’s plenary session last week. During the debate on a draft report on the situation in Libya, the German Conservative MEP Beatrix von Storch takes the floor and proposes an amendment that explicitly mentions and condemns the persecution of Christians. The text of the amendment runs thus:

“[The European Parliament] calls on all parties in Libya to guarantee the safety and freedom of Christians and other religious minority groups who are facing increasing discrimination and persecution and find themselves in the crossfire; calls on the EU and its Members States to ensure that future bilateral agreements include effective monitoring mechanisms for the protection of the human rights of religious minorities;”

In view of news about 21 Christians having been kidnapped (and possibly killed) by IS terrorists just last week, one might have expected that this was an amendment that everybody might agree with. But this was not so.

Barbara Lochbihler MEP

Immediately there was an attempt by the Green group, led by MEP Barbara Lochbihler to block the proposed amendment from being voted – and when the President explained to Mrs. Lochbihler that her objection, in order to be discussed, would need to be carried by at least 40 MEPs (which was not the case), there was loud booing and protesting from the ranks of the Green group. Once again it became apparent that for the Greens there are some human beings who do enjoy human rights and others who don’t; Christians suffering persecution at the hand of radical Muslims obviously belong to the latter category.

It should be noted that Mrs. Lochbihler is a member (and once was the President) of the Parliament’s Human Rights Sub-Committee and, before that, Secretary General of Amnesty International Germany. Think of it the next time you hear the Greens or Amnesty speaking of human rights.

Beatrix von Storch MEP

Following this incident, the amendment proposed by Mrs. von Storch was voted and adopted. It has been as paragraph 14 into the final version of the resolution.


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