Austria: support the protest against the gay lobby’s small-scale terrorism

150 JAHRE RINGSTRASSE: CAFE PR†CKELIn two recent posts we reported about a mobbing campaign organized by Austrian gay-rights campaigners against the manager of a renowned Vienna café who had asked two women who engaged in indecent conduct to leave the premises. As a result of this mobbing campaign, which was gleefully supported by the state television chain ORF as well as by a network of print media, that manager was forced to present his “excuses” (for what in fact was a perfectly lawful action!) on the country’s main television channel. This did not prevent the café from having its façade vandalized by homosexual mobsters who gathered there for a so-called “kiss-in”, i.e. a public exhibition of their indecent lifestyle.

The background for this ugly incident is the gay lobby’s newest attempt to get a law adopted that, following the model set by the EU’s controversial draft “Anti-Discrimination Directive“, would de facto eliminate the right of landlords and entrepreneurs to get rid of clients or tenants who behave indecently. So far, at least three attempts to get the National Assembly adopt such a law have remained unsuccessful, which apparently is the reason for the gay-lobby to try a new strategy: to single out one particular entrepreneur and vilify him publicly, so as to create an atmosphere of moral panic and intimidation.

Counter-protest: “Whether gay or straight – if you think you must suck face with someone, do it elsewhere”

Such strategies are rather reminiscent of the Nazi boycott against Jewish-owned shops, or of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. They are inappropriate and unacceptable in a European Democracy.

If you believe that mobbing and small-scale terrorism should not be accepted as a strategy to promote a political agenda, whatever its merits may be, in a European democracy, then sign the petition to support Café Prückel on CitizenGO.