Slovakia: This is the spot on adoption that is not allowed to run on TV

In the run-up to the referendum on 7 February on a constitutional amendment to protect the family, the opponents of the proposed amendment are doing all they can to prevent the pro-family campaign from reaching the public. As it seems, those opponents have a lot of power and are willing to use it. And their primary goal is not to convince anyone of their own positions (which, given the nature of those positions, would be hopelessly difficult); instead they want to prevent the public from noticing that the referendum is going to take place.  The reason is that if the participation in the referendum is below 50%, the referendum will be invalid – no matter what the outcome is.

So they are pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes. As a result, it was impossible for the pro-family campaigners to get any of the country’s TV stations to send the following spot:


A woman: Adamko, your new parents have arrived.

Child: And where is mummy?

Written: To the children, everything is clear. You can say what you think at the referendum….

If you have any friends in Slovakia, make sure to send them a link to this spot. Democracy is about allowing a public debate to take place, not about preventing it.