UK: Parliament to vote on bill to allow in-vitro fabrication of children with 3 parents. 41 MEPs write protest letter

It always follows the same pattern: in order to offer “help” in a few very exceptional cases, a solution is offered ythat, if accepted, will undermine human dignity as a whole.

In the UK, one of the wonderlands of “reproductive medicine”, Parliament is currently debating a new legislative proposal that, if adopted, would open the door to a completely unprecedented experiment: the artificial fabrication of children with three different genetic parents, one father and two mothers. The procedure is intended to provide a solution in cases where the mother is carrier of a genetic disease that can be transmitted to the next generation through genetic information in the mitochondria (and not, as is usually the case, in the nucleus) of the female ovum. That solution is to use an ovum “donated” by another woman in which the nucleus is replaced by the nucleus of an egg cell taken from the mother-to-be. That ovum, which then carries genetic information from two different women, is then fertilized in vitro with the sperm of the father-to-be, and implanted into the uterus of one of the women.

The moral and intellectual decline in the UK seems to have progressed to such a point that many politicians, including the Prime Minister, apparently even fail to understand why such a procedure is problematic: this is the first step towards a situation in which ultimately the child will have no parents in the true sense of the world; instead, it will be “made” from “material” procured from many different “sources”. It is an illusion to believe that, once the principle is accepted, this technology could not also be used to fabricate children with four or more providers of “genetic material”. In the end, we would all be the products designed and fabricated by some “men makers”, who would be the true masters of the human race and, hence, of the universe.

The Brave New World described by Aldous Huxley comes nearer every day.

41 Members of the European Parliament, led by Miroslav Mikolášik, Chairman of the European People´s Party Working Group on Bioethics and Human Dignity, have addressed to the UK Government a letter of protest:

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There also is a new online petition on CitizenGO that can be signed by all citizens wishing to do so.

We also draw our readers’ attention to the following two videos: