Speaking in the name of “All of us” – five radical politicians pretend to be mainstream  

SophieintveldThose wishing to abort the future of Europe appear to be on the defensive. But they are not yet giving up. In an effort to re-animate the feminist campaigns of the 1970s, a small group ofhardcore anti-life MEPs today organized an event to promote a new declaration entitled “ALL OF US – MOBILISING FOR ABORTION RIGHTS”. As a specific feature, setting it off against other manifestos with similar content, each sentence in that declaration pompously begins with the words “ALL OF US”. ALL OF US, it says, are for abortion on demand.

ALL OF … whom?

All of those present at the meeting? All of those having signed the declaration? And how many would that be? The room where the meeting was held was not well filled, and the manifesto that has been published after the meeting bears the name of not more than 5 MEPs. Ok, there may be some more signatures to come in the next days or weeks – but how many signatories will it be in the end?allofus2

The slogan “ALL OF US” definitely looks as if it were intended as a reply to the successful European Citizens’ Initiative ONE OF US, which in 2013 had collected nearly 2 million signatures to endorse the request that the EU should stop financing abortions in developing countries. But while “ONE OF US”, recalling that the unborn child pertains as much to the human species as any other human being, makes perfect sense, the slogan “ALL OF US” is nothing but like a rather comical attempt of the abortion lobby to look much bigger than it is.

allofusFollowing the success of ONE OF US the political establishment (including even some within the ALDE and S&D groups in the EP, it seems) is beginning to realize that being pro-abortion does not sway many votes. That this insight should be spreading is precisely what the pro-abortion lobby is so scared about. It is hardly likely that a pro-abortion ECI could ever gain as many signatures as ONE OF US did, and the anti-life lobby is desperately aware of this. But simply launching a manifesto with the slogan ALL OF US will not do, if ALL OF US refers to just a handful of people.

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