Mr. Leichtfried’s queer opinions on democracy

Slovakia’s referendum to prevent the re-definition of marriage enrages Socialist politicians who think that ordinary citizens shouldn’t have a say on this issue.  The Austrian MEP Jörg Leichtfried, Vice-President of the European Parliament’s S&D Group, has released a press statement in which, among other things, he says:

“Besides the content of this referendum, what strikes the most is that Slovakian citizens are not being asked to take a decision about their own rights, but about the rights of a minority. In democracy, not even a majority can deny equal rights to a minority.” 

Does he really mean what he says? In other words, does he seriously that in a democracy every minority should be allowed to define its own rights however it sees fit? What would be his reaction if any group other than “LGBT persons” made such a claim?

Besides this, saying that this referendum is about “denying equal rights to a minority” is a deliberate and gross mis-framing of the issue. The question is not about who is, or who is not, allowed to marry. Instead, the question is about what marriage is.

That is quite another matter – and it is not a mere LGBT issue. In fact, it is not at all an LGBT issue.  The correct definition of marriage is that it is a life-long union between a man and a woman with the purpose of founding a family. This definition excludes nobody. Any man who so wishes can marry, and any woman who so wishes can marry. But what the “gay rights” lobby wants is to re-define marriage.

Does Mr. Leichtfried think that gays and lesbians alone should have the right to define marriage — and all the rest of society should have no say in this? This seems indeed a very queer understanding of democracy…


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