Former Swedish Vice-Premier compares pro-life midwife to Muslim Terrorists

mona-sahlinMona Sahlin, the Swedish National Coordinator against Violent Extremism, compares the Christian midwife who was denied jobs because of her conscientious objection to abortion to IS Jihadist Warriors: an “extreme religious practitioner, in a similar way as the people who are fighting for the Islamic State”…

Mrs. Sahlin is a former Vice Prime Minister (Social Democratic Party). Her defamatory rhetoric is not unusual for many “liberal” politicians who view any kind of metaphysical thought as a threat for society.
On the other hand, it is also possible that Mrs. Sahlim simply doesn’t know what she was speaking about. Just in order to help her get the facts right:
This is what IS Jihadists do:
And this is what the brave midwife, invoking conscientious objection, refuses to do:

Dear Mrs. Sahlin, if you were against violent extremism you would be defending and supporting the midwife, not denigrating her.