Slovenia: new attempt to introduce same-sex “marriage”

SloveniaUnaware of, or unimpressed by, the fact that homosexual relationships are by nature sterile and a source of diseases, politicians in Slovenia are making a new attempt at providing them with the appearance of normality and legitimacy. This is in clear disrespect of the people’s stance on the matter, which was clearly expressed in a referendum just three years ago.

Members of the Slovenian parliament’s committee on labour, family, social affairs and people with disability met last week to discuss “defining marriage in gender neutral terms”.

But marriage already is defined in gender neutral terms, given that for everyone – men and women – it means the same thing: a lifelong union with a person of the other sex with the purpose of founding a family. What those politicians really want is to re-define marriage in order to un-link it from its true and natural purpose.

As it currently stands, Slovenia already legally glorifies sodomy through a Registered Partnership Act. However, several social and economic rights are not extended to same-sex couples living in such partnerships. Slovenian law states that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Members of the committee deliberated gender neutral marriage terms and voted in favour of changing Marriage and Family Relations Act by 11 votes to 2.

This is not the first time that politicians try to re-define marriage in order to put the union of a man and a woman, which alone is the basis for securing the future of society, on a par with sodomy, thus mocking the dignity of married couples and families. A new Family Code which extended rights and protections currently enjoyed by married heterosexual couples to same-sex unions in Slovenia had already been approved by the parliament in 2011. However, that law was rejected in a referendum held the following year – despite the fact that opponents of the project had very little time and financial means to organize their campaign, and virtually no support in the mass media and among political parties.


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