Homosexual networks dictate US and EU “human rights” policy

A friend has forwarded us an invitation to an event hosted by YPFP at the premises of the US Embassy in Brussels entitled Promoting LGBTI Rights – A Shift in Rights-Based Foreign Policy.

Yes, indeed, it is a shift. Some years ago the US stood for freedom, democracy, and human rights. Now the focus on freedom and democracy has been lost, and “human rights” has been replaced by a narrow and radical “gay rights” agenda.

The event is advertised as follows (the comments in pink are ours):

In the last several years, LGBTI rights have come to the forefront of political debates within the US and EU. Whilst these debates have resulted in some historic changes, this has not been universal. [Thanks God!] ILGA research shows that discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity remains legal in 78 countries [what they probably mean to say is that the act of sodomy is illegal in those countries. Prohibiting sodomy is something completely different from “discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation”. Prohibiting sodomy simply means that persons committing the act will be punished. Discriminating someone on the grounds of sexual orientation (whatever that is…) means that a person suspected of having such a sexual orientation does not have equal access to employment, housing, or goods and services. It is possible for a country to prohibit both sodomy and, at the same time, discrimination. It is equally possible that a country does not prohibit sodomy, but at the same time gives its citizens full freedom to avoid any social and economic interaction they find undesirable. The “ILGA research” seems to mess those issues up. Is it really research?] and in at least five countries, homosexuality is punishable by death. [Again wrong. In those countries, the act of sodomy is punishable by death (which, we agree, is too harsh a sanction). “Homosexuality” (as an inclination, not an act) is not punishable at all. Nowhere in the world.]

Even in those parts of the world that defend LGBTI rights, there is a legal question of immigration, and how this impacts on the safe movement of LGBTI people and couples [Complete nonsense. The issue is whether someone should be allowed to immigrate into a country solely because he feels sexually attracted to another person of the same sex already living in that country. That has nothing to do with “safety”.]. Does the uncertain legalities of same-sex couple migration force a choice between love and country? [As is typical for people whose sexual behaviour has gone out of control, “love” is used here as a synonym for all sorts of sexual activities, including counter-natural and harmful ones…]

The LGBTI community represents a significant minority, but in many countries, these individuals are deprived of their fundamental rights. [Only if one accepts the massive re-interpretation of “fundamental rights” that ILGA and the current US administration are temerariously promoting, but which is not shared by the greater part of humanity.] The UN has recognised these issues and is leading efforts on a multilateral level, but how are the US and EU stepping up their actions? From President Obama’s focus on LGBTI rights as a foreign policy priority, and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Mogherini defending its important role in EU foreign policy, [as opposed to less important issues such as, say, the war in Ukraine, The Soviet renaissance in Russia, the Islamist threat in Europe and the Near East, the proliferation of nuclear armament to countries like North Korea and Iran, …] these two world powers are ensuring that LGBTI rights are defended [defended? It’s all rather offensive than defensive, isn’t it? Rather than “defended”, those “rights” are fabricated and imposed…] rights and promoted. But how far will LGBTI rights become engrained in human rights worldwide? [Like all such fabrications, they can survive for a while. But not forever, because ultimately humanity will reject them. Nazi Germany existed for less than 12 years, and Soviet Communism for 72 years. For the LGBT-Gender-Ideology we predict a duration that will be somewhere in between until it comes to a similarly disastrous break-down.]

Join us on Monday 23 February to discuss efforts to promote LGBTI rights in US and EU foreign policy with a panel of distinguished speakers.

Expert speakers for this event include:
– Professor Scott Titshaw, Fullbright [full bright? or a Fulbright Scholar?] Scholar, E.U.I Migration Policy Centre
– Silvio Gonzato, Director for Human Rights and Democracy, EEAS [allegedly, he is “married” to another man. His “spouse” Alexandre Stutzmann, a crony of EP President Martin Schulz, was proposed by Schulz to be nominated Director in the EP Directorate General for External Policies in charge of Democracy and Human Rights Promotion. Ultimately, he didn’t get that job – instead, he was appointed Head of the Secretariat for the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) – a job that also is not without influence on the European Union’s foreign activities. Thus, we can see how the EU’s foreign policy making has come to be under the control of a homosexual network, or indeed, how it is controlled by one “family”. N.B., these are purely executive position, and no European electorate has ever been asked the question whether the EU’s foreign policy on human rights should be controlled and defined by gay networkers…]
– Logan Council, Political Officer, US Mission to the EU
– Evelyne Paradis, executive director, ILGA Europe [the taxpayer-funded fake “NGO”]