French Government intimates French MEPs to vote pro-abortion

François-Hollande-looks-stupidThe French website Gènétique has posted an astonishing e-mail that the French Government has sent to all French MEPs, intimating them to cast their votes in favour of a radical pro-abortion report that currently is on the agenda of the European Parliament’s radically feminist FEMM Committee and may be submitted to a vote by the Plenary in June. Continue reading “French Government intimates French MEPs to vote pro-abortion”


Pro-life citizens’ initiative “ONE OF US” wins moral victory: European Commission admits “inconsistencies and misrepresentations”

There has been a long period of silence around “ONE OF US, with more than 1,7 million signatures the most successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) so far, which is asking the EU to adopt legislation to guarantee for the full protection of the human being as from the moment of conception. As readers of our blog will recall, the  organizers of the ECI, following the European Commission’s disappointing and inappropriate reaction to their initiative, have brought a formal action (case T 561/14) against the Commission to the General Court of the EU. In their application, which was filed on 25 July 2014, they have demanded that the Commission’s reply to their initiative, which was issued as Communication COM(2014) 355 final on 28 May 2014, be annulled, and that the Commission be obliged to issue another, more appropriate reply to the pro-life ECI that was endorsed by 1.7 million Europeans.

The Commission’s reply to this court application has now been received.

In his reaction, the representative of the ECI, Dr. Grégor Puppinck, speaks of a “great moral victory for ONE OF US, and a disaster for the Commission”: Continue reading “Pro-life citizens’ initiative “ONE OF US” wins moral victory: European Commission admits “inconsistencies and misrepresentations””

Sweden falls out with Israel over Palestinians – and with Saudi-Arabia over Gender

“The enemies of our enemies are our enemies” – this seems to be the guiding principle of Sweden’s foreign policy since a new Minister for foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström, came into office at the end of last year.

Sweden is a non-aligned country, and as a consequence of this traditionally plays a great role as a mediator in international conflicts. In just a few months, she the new minister has managed to jeopardize the country’s previously friendly diplomatic relations both with Israel and the Arab world. Continue reading “Sweden falls out with Israel over Palestinians – and with Saudi-Arabia over Gender”

France: as President, will Sarkozy abolish same-sex “marriage”?

As was generally expected, the local elections have ended with a desaster for François Hollande’s Socialist Party, and it now seems definitely unlikely that the President will get a second term. This raises the question whether, if Hollande’s pre-decessor Nicolas Sarkozy will also be his successor, he will abrogate the law introducing same-sex “marriage”, a.k.a “loi Taubira”, which was the most unpopular measure to have been adopted under the current President’s aegis.

It would be the first time in Europe that a country having introduced same-sex “marriage” abolishes it again. But then, it is bound to happen one day, so why not get accustomed to the thought? Same-sex “marriage” is contrary to the nature of that institution, therefore it was never going to survive for long. Continue reading “France: as President, will Sarkozy abolish same-sex “marriage”?”

These two Homo-killers are themselves “gay”. Now they get married.

As the Telegraph reports, Britain’s first same-sex “marriage” in prison has taken place between two killers both serving time for allegedly “homophobic” attacks. As it turns out, both killers are not “homophobic”, but homosexual.

What the media report as violence against homosexuals often turns out to have been violence between homosexuals.

Continue reading “These two Homo-killers are themselves “gay”. Now they get married.”

Verdun, France: first “married” lesbian couple arrested for torturing a handicapped woman

PHO20316780-ec9a-11e3-a80c-e9bdb7c08dde-805x453They were the very first couple in Verdun to have “married” after the coming into force of the “loi Taubira”, which provides for absurd same-sex “marriage” celebrations.

Now they have been arrested, together with four accomplices, under charges of kidnapping, torture, barbarism, and rape. Their victim is a young woman, aged 20 and mentally impaired, whom they have kept prisoner in their appartment for several weeks, using her as their sex-slave and subjecting her to sadistic tortures that included, as La Libération reports, “cutting her with knives and beating her with sticks”, as well as “genital mutilations” (!).

Homosexuality isn’t just about holding hands and exchanging kisses in public. It involves acts that most non-homosexuals don’t even want to imagine.