How To Implement EU Legislation…

Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers provides that “any food intended for supply to the final consumer or to mass caterers shall be accompanied by food information in accordance with this Regulation”.

This includes, in particular, “compositional attributes that may be harmful to the health of certain groups of consumers” – for example, allergens.

As a consequence, restaurants and school canteens must now either inform their customers in writing about any such ingredient in the food they offer, or direct them to an employee who has been specially trained to provide the required information orally.

This is how a kindergarten somewhere in Austria is complying with the new legislation:


“Dear children, 

according to Regulation No. (…) we are required to inform you that our meals may contain food that contains allergens. 

You may get more precise information from Ulli in the office. 

Should you not yet be able to read this information, you may turn to the Federal Ministry of Health or directly to the European Parliament and ask for support.

Alternatively, you can of course continue having trust that your parents keep us informed about your allergies and that we, in compliance with our responsibilities, provide you with food that is acceptable for each of you.”

If you have ever been tempted to wonder whether all that EU legislation is really necessary, we hope that your doubts are herewith dispelled.

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