In contempt of a popular referendum, Slovenian Parliament votes to recognize same-sex “marriages”

The Parliament of Slovenia today has adopted with 51 to 28 votes a law that would redefine marriage as a “union of two persons”, thus putting real marriages between one man and one woman on a par with sodomy.

The vote is a rare exhibition of the political caste’s aloofness and arrogance vis-à-vis its own people, which had rejected same-sex “marriage” in a popular referendum in 2012,  and evidences how democracy can decline into totalitarianism.

Indeed, to believe that a parliament can define a relationship of two persons of the same sex as “marriage” is quite as clever as believing that it could issue a decree ordering the sun to rise in the west and sink in the east. The votes of politicians cannot change the laws of nature, – and politicians who, democratically elected or not, make such attempts, just show a foolish belief in their own omnipotence.

Already in 2011/2012  Parliament had made a first attempt to undermine the legal status of marriage, adopting a new Family Code that provided for same-sex “marriages” and adoption. However, within just a few weeks a citizens’ initiative collected a sufficient quantity of signatures to request a popular referendum on the matter, which resulted in the rejection of the measure.

Today’s vote will have a demoralizing effect on democracy. As it appears, the political caste is prepared to repeat its absurd vote  as often as will be required to impose it on the population. If a popular referendum rejects same-sex “marriage” for a second time, the Parliament will adopt it for a third time, and if there is a third negative vote, for a fourth time – the vote of the people will never be respected, unless, of course, it is how the politicians want it to be.

Once again, it becomes evident how the “gay rights” ideology paves the way for a new form of tyranny.

Let us nevertheless hope that Slovenian citizens will not give in. A new citizens’ initiative has already been announced to collect the 40.000 signatures that will make a new referendum necessary.


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