Slovenia: “Capitulation is not an option”

Following the abusive and anti-democratic vote of the Slovenian Parliament to abolish the honourable institution of marriage and replace its with a mockery, Slovenian families are beginning to mobilize.

The first task is to collect 2.500 signatures within one week, i.e. by 9 March, and submit them to the National Assembly. If that aim is met, an official petition will be open for signature for a period of 35 days at the town hall of each municipality. If the petition is signed by more than 40.000 citizens, a referendum will have to be held on the draft law. If the majority of participants in the referendum votes NO, the law will not enter into force. The referendum will be binding irrespective of the voter turnout.

In a small country like Slovenia, 40.000 signatures are a high threshold – in particular if there is almost no time to organize a campaign. Nevertheless, it has already happened once, and it can be repeated. This will be a good occasion to show to the world that even in the political and cultural climate of today same-sex “marriage” remains the project of a decadent and morally disoriented “elite”, but normal citizens don’t want it.

More information (in Slovene), and forms for the collection of signatures can be found at