Citizens protest against Tarabella’s and Panzeri’s attempts to fabricate a “right to abortion”

30A non-legislative initiative report that even prior to its adoption causes more than 60.000 citizens to write a protest e-mail is certainly a remarkable, albeit negative, achievement for the European Parliament. This is now happening for the second time to a report on equality between men and women drafted by the Belgian Socialist MEP Marc Tarabella, who is trying to represent a “right to abortion” as a pre-condition for such equality.

Already in January, there was an on-line petition to the EP that was signed by more than 60.000 citizens to protest against the FEMM Committee’s approbation of the draft. Now, in view of the report being voted in Plenary next week, there is a second petition, which in just the few days has collected more than 70.000 signatures – this time not only against the Tarabella Report, but also against the “Panzeri Report” on human rights and democracy in the world in 2013, which also seeks to introduce the absurd notion of a “right to abortion”.

Despite its self-image as “the representation of the European people”, the European Parliament’s activities usually do not get much public attention. This is among other things due to the fact that the Parliament is only a co-legislator (together with the Council) and that, in addition, it has no right of legislative initiative (which is the Commission’s prerogative). If the Commission makes no legislative proposals, the Parliament has not much to do. It is probably for this structural reason that the EP is so prolific in producing non-binding reports and resolutions, most of which are unlikely ever to be noticed by the outside world – not by the press, and even less by ordinary citizens.

It definitely seems that Europe’s citizens do not want such a “right”. The 130.000 signatures against Tarabella are a very significant statement on a report that so far has had almost no press coverage, and which will anyway not have any binding legal effect. But even more significant is another fact: there is absolutely no comparable mobilization of citizens in favour of what Messrs. Tarabella and Panzeri are proposing. In other words, the leftist groups’ various attempts to fabricate by means of non-binding texts a “right to abortion” are built solely on the speculation that an indifferent public will not notice what they are doing. But whenever the public learns of those attempts, the reaction is entirely and resoundingly negative. There is no public support for this fake “right to abortion”.

It is highest time that the EP’s leftist fringe learn this lesson and stop abusing human rights vocabulary to promote anti-human-rights agendas.