Instead of dumb “feminism”, Women of the World assert diversity, complementarity and reciprocity

Women of the World is a new initiative launched by Profesionales por la Ética (Professionals for Ethics) in coalition with Femina Europa, Istituto di Studi Superiori sulla Donna and Woman Attitude to make the international institutions and politicians aware that the Marxist brand of “feminism”, which still plays a dominant role in politics and mass media, is outdated. What modern women  think and demand is different.

On 8 March the initiative has launched a statement that unfolds a new vision of the role of women in society, feminine identity and motherhood . The key idea is that women are not the same as men, but different, and that that difference is not a problem that needs to be overcome, but a good that should be valued. Instead of equalness, the statement therefore asserts diversity, complementarity and reciprocity.You can download it here:

English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Polish / Japanese / Arabic / Italian /Romanian / Czech

The Statement has been signed by 130 NGOs from 40 different countries.


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