His son is his brother – Sodomite uses his own mother as surrogate mom

The newest “progress” in the deconstruction of the family is that in the UK a homosexual man has used his own mother as a surrogate mom for a baby that was fabricated in vitro using his own sperm and an egg cell “donated” (?) by another woman (i.e., not by his mother). Apparently the UK has no laws to prevent such things from being done.

You can read the full story in British media, for example on the Daily Mail.

The truly breath-taking narcissism and egoism of the man is reflected in his statements:

“I know that some people won’t understand it [ Aha, they don’t understand it”. Presumably this is because they are too stupid?] and are against what we’ve done but as far as I see, as long as someone can provide for a child then they have every right to a child,’ says Kyle. ‘Apart from that one friend — whom I no longer speak to — everyone else has been really supportive.” [So either one must share all his views, or one cannot be his friend. Very tolerant, isn’t he?]

“No one has the right to deny someone that opportunity. [Here we go again: he has a “right” to a child – but which rights does the child have? Apparently not the right to be raised by its biological mother, or to even get acquainted with her…] We are supposed to live in a world with equal opportunities, but single people are discriminated against. [Is it the law that ‘discriminates’ them – or not rather nature itself?] The law says that having a child is too much of an undertaking for a single person to take on. But I’ve proved that wrong.”

“I don’t care what people think — they can keep their opinions. [Thanks. We do.] He is cared for. He is loved. [Does this guy even know what “love” means??] I paid for it all myself with a little help from my parents at the end, and that’s all that matters.” [He has PAID for the child all himself (or nearly), so this settles the argument, doesn’t it? A child is thus a commodity you can buy at the shop around the corner…]