Russia: Patriarch Kyrill asks Parliament to stop funding abortions

While in the EU even a citizens’ initiative with close to two million signatures does not prevent the European Commission from using taxpayers’ money to promote the culture of death, things may (in this particular respect) be better in Russia, where currently an online petition is under way to support a proposal, made by Patriarch Kyrill in his speech before the Duma on 22 January, to cut off all government funding for abortions.

Commenting on Russia’s demographic winter and the government’s efforts to overcome it, he commented:

“Alas, we are building one hand, and with the other we destroy what we have created. One of Russia’s main problems is the huge number of abortions. Of course, it’s fair to say that in recent years it has declined slightly, but still their number remains shockingly high. If we could halve the number of abortions, we would have a steady and strong demographic growth. The Church, following the commandment of God ‘Thou shalt not kill’ has always considered the killing of an unborn child a grave sin. Often behind such action stands the pressure of doctors and relatives, or material and housing difficulties.

Overcoming this evil requires comprehensive measures which should include assistance to families in resolving housing problems, financial support to families with many children, the underpinning of the health system by ethics that encourages physicians to care for the preservation of life of the conceived child, as well as curbing the advertising and promotion, or the complete prohibition, of abortion. I think it would be morally justified to exclude abortion from being financed under the compulsory health insurance system that is supported by taxpayers, including those who categorically reject abortion.”


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