Ireland: marriage permitted only for same-sex couples, but not between a man and a woman?

Is it only sheer incompetence? Or is this where ultimately we are heading??

On Tuesday, the Irish government decided to change the wording of the Irish (Gaelic) language version of the proposed constitutional amendment on marriage. The move was prompted by concerns that the original version could be construed as permitting marriage only for same-sex couples, making marriage between a man and a woman illegal. Ironically, it was an Englishman, veteran journalist Bruce Arnold, who highlighted the problem with the text in an article for the Irish Times
This farcical situation is further evidence of the undue haste with which the Government is pushing through its ill-considered overhaul of family law. It calls into question the judgement and competence of all those involved, particularly Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald. Since the Irish language version takes precedence in the event of a conflict of interpretation, the fact that Attorney General Maire Whelan approved the original, dubious, version is also a matter of concern. Ms Whelan’s advice to the Government on the constitutionality of legal provision for joint adoption by same-sex couples has already been called into question since it conflicts with that given by her predecessor in 2010.

The Government, not surprisingly, is attempting to gloss over this whole debacle as if it were a minor matter. The most remarkable thing about the whole affair is that both the Opposition and the media are so committed to the same-sex marriage agenda that they seem willing to let the Government away with it.