Elton John’s attack on free speech fires back

Remarks by fashion designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce that they are not in favour of homosexual couples creating artificial “families” with IVF-fabricated children have prompted an outbreak of hate and boycott threats, orchestrated by some “gay rights” pressure groups. A leading figure in this is Elton John, who – together with his wannabe “husband” David Furnish has procured two children, using IVF and the services of a Russian surrogacy mother. According to his intentions, the two boys, Zachary and Elias, will never find out who their mothers are. In an Instagram message he wrote that he “shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again”.

Threatening boycott and sending hate messages is the typical behaviour of the “gay rights” lobby, while engaging rational argument is never their strategy of choice.

It seems however that the strategy is backfiring. Who cares what Elton John is wearing?

Stefano Gabbana gave him the right answer, asking “who on Earth wants to see Elton John wearing Dolce and Gabbana?” And it seems that seems that on the forum of public opinion, most people agree with him.


Mr. John is not only past his prime as an artist, but his aggressive and bullying behaviour does not make him look like a role model for tolerance. Apparently he finds it difficult to accept that others have different opinions than he has.

D&G2In the past, critics of the same-sex agenda have often been the victims of aggressive bullying and boycott threats. One of the most high-profile cases was that of Brendan Eich, who had been appointed as a CEO for Mozzilla Inc., but was forced to resign from that appointment when it turned out that he had donated the sum of 1.000 US$ to a campaign in favour of Prop 8, a constitutional amendment that would have changed the constitution of California in order to clarify that marriage is between a man and a woman. Far from representing an outlandish and radical position, the Prop 8 campaign actually won the support of a majority of Californian citizens – and the constitutional amendment was ultimately prevented from entering into force only through a series of gross political and legal manipulations (including the lawless decision by a Federal judge to declare the amendment to be in violation of the US Federal Constitution, the equally lawless refusal of a Californian State Attorney to discharge his duty of defending his State’s before the US Supreme Court, and the decision of the Obama administration to provide political backing to such lawless actions…). Apart from the question which opinion is “outlandish” and which isn’t the question is whether people should not simply have the right to hold and express views that are not conform to the current “political correctness”.D&G 3

As the example of Mr. Eich shows, one can become a target of bullying even when one expresses a view that is shared by a majority of our fellow citizens. And there are many other cases in which those who have freely and frankly expressed their views found themselves constrained to recant them and present their regrets and excuses in order to protect themselves and their families against the gay lobby’s small-scale terrorism.

But do such recants under pressure really represent a real change of opinion? Certainly not. If you want to know what people really think about “gay rights” you must look at what they have said and done before they have been bullied into obedience. D&G4

Annoying as it may be at first sight, the aggressively intolerant behaviour of over-confident “gay rights” protagonists will actually only result in undermining their own credibility as “discrimination victims”. As numerous online fora show, the overwhelming majority of reactions is critical of Elton John, and favourable to D&G. So perhaps it is good that Elton John is behaving in this way – if repeated often enough, it will be a precious contribution in securing public support for the natural family consisting of mother, father, and their children.

By the way, does anyone know whether Elton’s eyeglasses are from D&G? This might at last be an occasion to get rid of them…