Slovenia:  collection of signatures to prevent re-definition of marriage begins on 23 March

cb78efce6e97415c3404d97763c74a6c5b2587b1Following the remarkable success of the first step – more than 80.000 signatures were collected instead of the required 2.000! – the brave citizens’ initiative Za otroke gre! (“It’s for the children!”) faces the next challenge: more than 40.000 certified signatures must be collected within a period of 35 days in order to force a referendum on a controversial law that would re-define marriage in order for it to include the absurdity of “marriages” between persons of the same sex. If the petition is successful, a referendum will be held – just as in 2012, when the majority of participants rejected plans to put homosexual relationships on a par with marriage.

In the meantime, however, the leftist politicians who are behind the project of re-defining marriage and family have reacted to their 2012 defeat by changing the rules, making it more difficult for simple citizens to overrule what their enlightened political class has decided for them: while in 2012 it was sufficient for the NO campaign to win the majority of votes in the referendum, this time there will be the additional requirement that the NO camp must obtain the support of at least 20% of registered voters.

In practical terms this means while in 2012 the NO campaign had 280.000 votes (against 233.000 votes for the YES campaign), this time it will need 342.600 votes. The YES campaign faces no such minimum threshold – thus even if the outcome is 340.000 to zero against same-sex “marriage”, the controversial law would enter into force.

Democracy, it seems, is always the first victim of the “gay agenda”…