They want Babies – what for?

The international “gay rights” lobby, jointly with the “reproductive medicine” industry, are stepping up their efforts to push for the legalizion of surrogacy and other controversial techniques to promote the fiction of “gay parenthood”. An organization called is announcing an event entitled “Parenting options for European gay men” to be held on 3 May in Brussels. The event is part of a so-called “Brussels Pride Festival” from 30 April to 16 May.

The event highlights how the “gay rights” community is out to grab a resource that nature has not made available for them: children. The question is, what do they need children for? To form them in their own image?

Once the notion that everybody has “the right to have a child” is accepted, it appears to be of no importance how that right is made effective. It is of no concern that surrogacy is one of the worst form of commercially exploiting the female body, effectively transforming women into “birth machines”. Likewise, it is of no concern that “gay parenting” by necessity implies that the child that is made victim of such abuse is deprived of the right to grow up with and be educated by, or even to have knowledge of, its mother. This is in itself a severe violation of internationally recognized human rights.

The conference announced for 3 May is thus an event that openly promotes an anti-human-rights agenda. But of course, given that it is the “gay rights” lobby that promotes it, it will be very welcome…