Ireland’s proposals for human rights judges: one Gender-Activist and one Soros-Man

With the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) increasingly displaying aspirations to be the continent’s supreme law-maker, it is important to take a closer look at the persons that some governments are proposing to be appointed as ECtHR judges in respect of their country.

Among the countries whose candidates will be interviewed next week by Committee on the election of judges of the PACE is Ireland. The current Irish government is known for its radical policies regarding issues such as marriage, the family, and the right to life – and it might be that some pressure from the ECtHR – e.g., to further loosen the country’s abortion laws – would be highly welcome for Enda Kenny and other abortion-friendly politicians. So it is no wonder that the government is presenting candidates who as ECtHR judges seem likely to pursue just that kind of agenda.

Among the three candidates that have been presented by the Irish Government, one is Siobhan Mulally, a professor whose distinguishing mark appears to be her strong commitment to Feminism, Gender Ideology, and other radical causes. She is the prolific author of publications such as a book entitled ‘Gender Culture and Human Rights’ and articles such as ‘Promoting Gender Equality: beyond the limits of non-discrimination’ or ‘Feminist jurisprudence: mainstream or marginal?’. Her appointment to the ECtHR would give this highly motivated academic an excellent opportunity to put her radical ideas into practice – with effect across the entire continent.

Gerard Quinn is another candidate whose profile is that of an academic rather than that of a judge. He appears to have close links to the controversial EU Fundamental Rights Agency, the European Commission, and George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation”, where he serves as member of the Human Rights Initiative advisory board. George Soros, as we must recall, is one of the main financiers of the international “gay rights” lobby as well as of pro-abortion groups – it is therefore fairly easy to predict the ideological leanings of a person that he has selected as his adviser…

This is not the first time that Ireland nominates “human rights experts” with a radical and controversial agenda as candidates for key posts in international bodies. Readers of this blog will still have fresh memories of Michael O’Flaherty, a homosexual ex-priest turned law professor who served two terms as a member the United Nations Human Rights Committee (HRC) – a position he systematically used to promote the “gay rights” agenda. O’Flaherty also was the main drafter of the so-called “Yogyakarta Principles“, a bombastic document that seeks to radically re-interpret human rights in order to turn them into a basis for special rights and privileges for homosexuals (see critical reviews here and here).


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