Is this love … or narcissism?

Anya Steiner was 39 years old when she decided to found a family. However, as she had not yet met the man of her dreams, she decided to found her family alone, all by herself. In her eyes, you don’t need a man to found a family, you just need his sperm donation.

Mrs. Steiner has now published a book on her experience.

When asked by a reporter from the German daily Die Welt how she explained to her 6-year old daughter how she came into being, she said: “I always tell my daughter that I wanted a child but had no daddy who also wanted one – so I asked another man to help me making one. But that man is not a ‘daddy’ in the traditional sense who brings his child to and from nursery school or plays with it”.

Children have a right to know, and have contact with, their fathers (cf. CRC, Art. 7). A woman who deliberately plans for her child a life without father puts her own narcissism above the rights of the child. This is something very evil.