Slovenia: Parliament vetoes referendum initiative against re-definition of marriage

sl12-565x376In Slovenia, as elsewhere, citizens don’t want marriage to be re-defined. But the political elite and the mass media want it desperately, even at the cost of undermining democracy. Same-sex “marriage” is by its very nature a totalitarian and anti-democratic project.

The latest episode in the Slovenian same-sex “marriage” saga is that the Parliament voted 53-21 to veto a citizens’ initiative called Za Otroke gre! (It’s for the children!) that is currently pushing for a referendum to abrogate a new law that would introduce same-sex wannabe “marriages” in Slovenia and provide for sodomite couples a “right” to obtain children through adoption in order to fabricate “family life”. For this procedure, the first step was to collect (uncertified) 2.500 signatures within just one week – the citizens’ initiative collected more than 80.000. The second step was to collect 40.000 certified signatures within 35 days. This is quite a challenge in a country of less than 2 million inhabitants – but it took the citizens’ initiative less than 4 days to collect them. This would normally mean that a referendum on the matter must be held – but the parliamentary majority has now put in a veto, claiming that such a referendum would be “unconstitutional”. The final decision will be made by the Constitutional Court.

As it seems, the increasing popular resistance only pushes the political élite to pursue their self-destructive project with even greater determination: the vox populi must be silenced at all cost.

But the people will not be silenced.


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