Sweden expands its “Gender Mainstreaming” policies

MooseLoveIt seems there can never be enough “gender mainstreaming” in Sweden…

While in Norway the TV mini series by Harald Eia has done much to to make people think critically about “gender theory” and the policies it inspires, this new ideology remains still very much unchallenged in Sweden, which has the former  Secretary General of RFSU, the local Planned Parenthood brand, as Minister for Gender Equality.

Åsa Regnér, the baby-killing lobbyist serving as a government minister, has now announced plans to further expand the country’s already all-pervasive “gender mainstreaming” programme:

“It’s not enough to wake up in the morning and say you feel kind of feminist. A feminist government needs to stick its neck out and push things forward,” she said at a conference in Stockholm on 4 March.

In other words, “Feminism” is the ideology through which this government defines itself. And clearly, once the Feminists occupy positions of power, they want to use that power to re-educate and change society:

“Government agencies play a very strong role in Sweden compared with their counterparts in many other countries. It’s therefore important that you feel connected to the national gender equality policy,” Regnér said.

The Swedish GMGA programme started in 2013 with 18 government agencies. Now it is time to add another 23, including the Swedish Prosecution Authority, the Swedish Public Employment Service and the National Board of Health and Welfare. Over the next four years, the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research will assist the selected agencies in their gender mainstreaming work.”