“Very high” incidence of anti-Christian discrimination in Austria, Observatory reports

VANDALISMUSSERIE IN WIENER KIRCHEN / LAZARISTENKIRCHE: SCHÖNBORNIt often seems that mechanisms to report and monitor so-called “discrimination” and “hate crimes” have been developed specifically with the purpose of promoting the interests of certain minority groups that have developed a strategy to hold themselves out as “victims” and claim special protections.

But equality before the law means that other groups can use those mechanisms as well – and perhaps with better reason.

The Vienna-based Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians has now for the first time used the UN Human Rights Universal Periodic Review mechanism, submitting a report on discrimination against Christians in Austria. The Observatory plans to submit further such reports on other countries whose human rights policies are monitored under the mechanism.

For anybody who is not a professional “human rights activist” it will be completely unsurprising that in Austria incidents of discrimination and hate-crime against Christians are more frequent than similar incidents against other groups. Until now, those incidents have often remained unreported and could therefore be ignored. With the Observatory’s work, this is going to change.

Read a full account at Breitbart News, or check out the full text of the submission on  Observatory’s website.