French Government intimates French MEPs to vote pro-abortion

François-Hollande-looks-stupidThe French website Gènétique has posted an astonishing e-mail that the French Government has sent to all French MEPs, intimating them to cast their votes in favour of a radical pro-abortion report that currently is on the agenda of the European Parliament’s radically feminist FEMM Committee and may be submitted to a vote by the Plenary in June.

The e-mail has been sent by the Secretariat General for European Affairs, a service directly subordinated to the office of Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

The EP report to which it refers, drafted by the Socialist MEP Maria Noichl from Germany, is on the “EU strategy for equality between women and men post 2015”. The content of her draft is strikingly similar to the inglorious Estrela Report that suffered a spectacular defeat in the EP’s plenary session of 10 December 2013 (see here). Like the Estrela Report, it calls for the general legalization of abortion, implying that the murdering of unborn children is a “human right”. More than 450 amendments have been tabled in the FEMM committee, including some by MEPs who oppose the report’s pro-abortion agenda.

The report has been drafted, and will be voted, on the EP’s own initiative, not upon a proposal from the Commission. For this reason, it will not produce any binding legal effect (just as the one-hundred-and-umpteen other pro-abortion documents that the Parliament has adopted in the past years). Should we still get excited over it, or is it not all just rather boring?

Apparently not for the French Government. One might have thought that there are some other priorities it might have to deal with, such as the cataclysmic defeat in last Sundays’s regional elections, President Hollande’s record-breaking low in public opinions and his dwindling chances for re-election, the country’s high unemployment rate and crushing public debt, to name just a few. But no, the priority is a non-binding document that promotes abortion.

In particular, the French MEPs are told by “their” government that “the position of France” (!!) is that they must vote against amendments that refer to the Resolution that in 2013 was adopted instead of the Estrela draft, and which made the legally sound statement that issues related to sexual and reproductive health fall within the competence of Member States, not of the EU.

It is  definitely strange for a Member State’s government to exhort MEPs to vote for a text that seeks to undermine the exclusive prerogatives of Member States.

The e-mail also says that “if the amendments relating to Article 168 of the TFEU relating to the principle of subsidiarity in the domain of public health cannot as such be contested, they should at least allow for the report to contain a section dedicated to sexual and reproductive rights and the access to abortion”.

In view of this astonishing intervention, we believe it must be clear for all French MEPs who do not view themselves as the sub-ordinates of the thugs currently in power in France how they must vote on the Noichl Report.