European Parliament condemns persecution of Christians

CBxAHceW0AAhst1.jpg largeIn a Resolution adopted by 578 votes to 31, with 34 abstentions, the European Parliament has condemned the terrorist attacks by the Islamist Al-Shaabab militia against Christian students on a university campus in Garissa/Kenya and conveyed its condolences to the families of the victims and to the people and Government of Kenya. The Resolution calls on the EU and its Member States to address the persecution of Christians as a priority issue for their foreign policy. This follows Al-Shabaab’s 2 April attack on Kenya’s Garissa University, which killed 147 Christian students and injured 79 others. Continue reading “European Parliament condemns persecution of Christians”


Capital Punishment: the difference between “values”, “fundamental values”, and “EU values”

orbc3a1n-viktor-3With his suggestion that a re-introduction of the death penalty should be discussed in his country, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has stirred up excitement and angry reactions from all over Europe, including his political allies of the European People’s Party (EPP) who accuse him of violating the EU’s fundamental values.

The question is whether not having the death penalty really is a “fundamental value”. Continue reading “Capital Punishment: the difference between “values”, “fundamental values”, and “EU values””

New CJEU judgment confirms: risk of HIV infection is 200 times higher for homosexuals than for ordinary people

zu-hohes-risiko-schwuleIn its judgment in the case of Geoffrey Léger v Ministre des Affaires sociales, de la Santé et des Droits des femmes, Établissement français du sang (C‑528/13), which was made public today, the Court of Justice of the EU confirms that, given the health risks associated with homosexual behaviour, it is legal for France to maintain a law that excludes men who have had sexual relations with other men from donating blood. Continue reading “New CJEU judgment confirms: risk of HIV infection is 200 times higher for homosexuals than for ordinary people”

US Supreme Court Hearing on same-sex “marriage”: the false premises stand largely unchallenged

supremecourt-dd6385dba48910068ac8f1d92526b1f1fe2924f8-s6-c30Those wishing to inform themselves of the outcome of yesterday’s oral hearings in the US Supreme Court’s case Obergefell v. Hodges may do so by reading the transcripts (1, 2) and listening to the audio files (1, 2) that have been placed on the Court’s website. The hearing has been widely reported in US media (we may refer to the Washington Post or the New York Times),  so there is no need for this blog to report all the details. Instead, here are just a few comments. Continue reading “US Supreme Court Hearing on same-sex “marriage”: the false premises stand largely unchallenged”

European Parliament: Homo-Flag called off

It is not quite clear whether this is due to timely reporting on this blog, but reliable sources inside the European Parliament say that President Martin Schulz, though sympathizing with the idea, has deciding that hoisting the so-called Rainbow-flag on the Parliament’s premises would be too much of a provocation against all those who have a proper sexual behaviour and are – much to the benefit of all – proper families.

For this year, the Homo-flag is called off, and we hope that next year this proposal will not even be made.

A small victory, but nevertheless a victory.

Northern Ireland Assembly rejects gay marriage for the fourth time in three years

634304016The Northern Ireland Assembly has rejected same-sex marriage legislation by an outright majority for the fourth time in just three years. The outcome was narrow with 49 to 47 votes against a motion calling for the redefinition of marriage. There were three abstentions.

The fact that even after four unsuccessful attempts the issue keeps re-appearing evidences the urgent need for the defenders of marriage and family to set an agenda that pushes the promoters of sexual perversion into the defensive. One such step might be a proposal to re-introduce criminal sanctions against sodomy, another one could be a proposal to prohibit surrogacy and other forms of child trafficking predominantly used by homosexual wannabe “parents”.

European Parliament to discuss Islamist terror against Christians – but some MEPs prefer to remain “neutral”

The European Parliament will tomorrow hear a statement by the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, “on the Persecution of the Christians around the world, in relation to the killing of students in Kenya by terror group Al-Shabaab“. Continue reading “European Parliament to discuss Islamist terror against Christians – but some MEPs prefer to remain “neutral””