FRA: Morten Kjaerum’s term is over

Readers of this blog will not regret learning that the term of Morten Kjaerum as Director of the EU’s controversial and highly ideologized Fundamental Rights Agency is expiring. However, there is unfortunately no guarantee that his successor will be any better.

Under Kjaerum’s aegis, the Agency has not been able to make significant contributions towards a deeper understanding of fundamental rights. Instead, its activities focussed nearly exclusively on the promotion of the interests of certain groups who have established themselves as “victims of discrimination”. This reflects per se a very narrow, if not skewed, vision of the “rights” that the Agency should be dealing with. 

A particular focus was set on the rights of immigrants, asylum seekers, handicapped persons and – rather absurdly – homosexuals. Indeed, the group rights of “sexually diverse”  persons has become the single biggest issue for the Agency, resulting in the publication of legal analysis and social research that, upon closer review, turned out to be of a rather dubious quality. For further information, see here.

It remains to be seen who will be appointed as the FRA’s new Director, and whether that appointee will be willing and able to liberate the Agency from the pressure groups by which it is currently controlled.